Welcome to Just a Sample

Some days, I really love my husband. I mean, I always love my husband, but some days I love him a little extra. Like today when he looked at me and said “You know what we should do? We should start a business where we visit wineries and write about them. We have a ton of them around here, and we might as well get something out of visiting. You’ll have to do the writing because I suck at it, but this is totally a thing we should do.” While I’m not sure we can start a business, per se, at least not immediately, I told him that I had been thinking something remarkably similar, and later that day, Just A Sample was born.

You can learn more about Paul and me on our About page (in all of its third person glory!), but the gist is that we live about an hour outside DC in the middle of Northern Virginia’s wine country. Since we love wine, it seemed like a no-brainer to spend some of our weekends working our way through everything listed on VirginiaWine.org.

Stay tuned for what will hopefully be many, many updates. I promise I won’t try to type anything up until I’ve had a chance to sober up.

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