I’ve been intrigued by the idea of VINEBOX since I first heard of it a few months ago. Unlike other wine clubs by mail/subscription services, you get a single glass of each wine in the shipment as opposed to a whole bottle, though it should be noted that you can upgrade your subscription to get two glasses of each wine. I figured that starting this blog was the perfect excuse to give it a shot, so I tracked down a coupon (which I won’t link to because it probably already expired, but you’re a sophisticated user of the interwebs – Google one up for yourself if you’re so inclined). Without a coupon, it’s a bit pricy – if you’re just looking to do a trial run like we did, it’s $29 for one box, which includes three glasses of wine. In fairness, if we went out to dinner in DC and had three glasses of wine, it would probably amount to about $29, but we would also have control over what we were getting and would (hopefully) know that we would like what we ordered. ANYWAY, this is just a very long way of saying that you should look around for a coupon if you want to try VINEBOX.

As Paul pointed out, it’s gimmicky, but I thought it was a cool gimmicky and not a schlocky gimmicky. And I still stand by that. The packaging is sleek and modern; the tasting “flashcards” are reasonably informative, if a bit basic. And trying out a single glass of wine seems like a much better investment than buying a whole bottle of something you may or may not like. I was excited to try out the wines. Paul remained skeptical. All three wines were lighter Italians, and while I would’ve been okay drinking a glass of two of them (the Bera and Nebbia), Paul flat-out disliked the two I liked and was, at best, indifferent to the one that I liked least (the Olo). I wouldn’t call any of them adventurous, and I’m disappointed that they were all from the same vineyard and in the same general style. I guess that’s nice for the sake of comparison, but if you’re not a fan of one of the wines, you’re probably not going to be a fan of any of them, so it seems like a wasted opportunity to expose people to new wines – especially in the Adventurous box.

Bottom line: I probably would’ve been willing to give VINEBOX another shot or three, but given Paul’s total disinterest, I don’t think this is anything we’ll invest in further. Womp womp.

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