Sunday Funday!

Paul’s brother, Joe, is in town for a sportsball game (which, for the record, I was not invited to attend – not that I could, anyway, because I had a work event at the same time, thankyouverymuch), and I decided that our Sunday could best be used trying to drink away their inevitable hangovers. Since the whole reason Paul and I started this blog was to explore our own backyard, I decided to hit several wineries close to home: Quattro Goomba’s (winery and brewery), 50 West, Cana, Chrysalis, Greenhill, and Mt. Defiance (cidery and distillery). I’m sure we won’t make it through all seven stops (technically, Quattro Goomba’s is two because of ABC laws), but I’m pretty proud my trail. And I’m afraid for our livers. Or at least MY liver. The boys will probably be fine. Probably. Maybe. Wish us luck. Or pray for us. Your choice.

UPDATE: We made it to Chrysalis, 50West, Cana, and both Quattro Goomba’s stops. Sunday Fundaaaaaaaay!


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