GREEN: Boxwood Estate Winery

It’s been a weird Winter in Northern Virginia. We’ve had weeks where it’s 20F on Monday and 65F by Saturday. We’ll refrain from the climate change discussion because Paul and I disagree on it, but you can’t deny that Mother Nature has been all over this place this February. On the Friday that we went to Boxwood Estate Winery, it was one of those lovely, clear 60-something days, and it was just too nice to stay locked inside our house, hunched over our respective work laptops. We strapped the littlest one into her carseat, hopped into the car, and after a quick Google, we were off.

When we visited, they only had four reds on the tasting menu (which was actually fine with us since we gravitate toward reds), but our server told us that they’ll be rolling out a seasonal rosé and their first white fairly soon. They may already be out by the time this post publishes, in fact. For $10, though, tasting four wines isn’t bad. In addition to their modern-with-a-hint-of-rustic charm, they do absolutely everything in house – they’re literally farm to bottle. All of their grapes are grown on the 28 acres surrounding the winery, and they  press, ferment, and bottle onsite. And their prices are ridiculously reasonable. Wines, which again, are all 100% Virginia grapes, range from $19 – $29 a bottle. And they’re good. Like, really good.

We stuck around after the tasting and each had two glasses of wine – meaning that between us, we had a glass of each wine on the menu. Yes, we could’ve purchased a bottle for quite a bit less, but we rated the wines in almost totally opposite order. Figures. We also shared a cheese plate, which was tasty but a little too bare to justify the $20 price tag.

A few quick warnings – Boxwood is in the middle of nowhere. As in, we lost all cell service on our way to the winery. Fortunately, our GPS was somehow still tracking our progress, so we didn’t actually get lost. There are also no other wineries terribly close by, so if you’re looking to hit a few while you’re out, make sure you give yourself some extra driving time. They are also small. Very small. When you walk in the front doors, you almost run into the single, circular tasting bar. That being said, there are tables scattered through the front room, tank room, and outside patio, so if you give them a heads up that you’ll be coming in with a large group, you should be fine.

Rating: Green! (We’ll totally come back.)
Tasting: $10 for 4 wines
Price: Insanely reasonable
Kid Friendly: Yes (our server even asked to hold the baby)
Highlights: Farm-to-bottle facility, tour
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: ~7 hours
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

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