GREEN: Chrysalis Vineyards

So, we didn’t actually start with the first stop on our Sunday Funday Wine Trail because Quattro Goomba’s didn’t open until noon. Chrysalis*, however, opened at 10am, and it was the perfect place to break Joe’s winery cherry. Hey-o!

The building, which is about two years old, is pretty standard for wineries around here – barn-like with some modern touches thrown in for good measure. It’s also a huge space, though it was pretty empty when we arrived around 11:30 or so. Once the weather warms up, customers will be able to spread through the massive outdoor space, which includes several additional tasting bars. While we saw some vines onsite, most of their grapes are grown on 70 acres about 2.5 miles from the current tasting room.

Customers have to register and pre-pay for their tasting on the first floor, which was a bit off-putting at first, but once we spoke to our server and understood how much this practice helped regulate traffic flow, we were sold. We’ve seen a lot of ridiculously crowded, hectic tasting bars, and it definitely detracts from the experience. However, by pre-registering (something you can also do over the phone, by the way), you guarantee that your group has your server’s undivided attention. Speaking of our sever, he was amazing. Super knowledgeable and ready with advice for drink and dinner recipes that would match well with the Chrysalis wines.

At this point in the day, I was at least trying to pace myself, so I think half of each of my generous pours went to Joe, our designated “dump bucket.” There were ten wines on the tasting menu when we were there, including several that featured the Norton grape, showcasing its diversity from grape jelly fruitiness to aromatic spices to deep oakiness. We got an 11th bonus pour of Rubiana, a blend of seven different grapes, and honestly, we wish we never tasted it. It was like they poured all of the leftovers into one bottle, shook it, and hoped for the best. It was funky. In a very bad way. But we happily took home a bottle of the 2014 Barrel Select.

Overall, while we don’t think Chrysalis had the best wine of the day, we think it was the best tasting experience. We’ll have no problems including them on future wine trails.

*Their website’s landing page is terrible. Don’t judge them by their website.

Rating: Green! (We’ll totally come back.)
Tasting: $15 for 10 wines, plus a souvenir glass
Price: A little bit of everything (upper-teens to upper-$30s)
Kid Friendly: Yes (first floor)
Highlights: Fantastic server (at least ours)
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: ~1 hour
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

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