ORANGE: 50 West

Just across the street from Chrysalis is 50 West. You would think we crossed into …I’m drawing a blank on an appropriate comparison here, but we crossed into something not good. The building was fine but unimpressive. The staff was young, bored, and basically read the tasting menu to us instead of engaging in actual conversation. And the wine, which isn’t grown or made onsite*, was lackluster. I think this is the first time we left a winery without buying a single bottle of wine. As Paul said, they’re the Walmart of wineries.

*They have several properties throughout Virginia, and the wine is made at a sister site.

Rating: Orange (Despite appearances to the contrary, Paul and his brother are both much nicer than me and voted to rate 50 West a Yellow, while I wanted to give it a Red. We compromised at Orange.)
Tasting: $10 for 7 wines
Price: Average to a little high (mid-$20s to $40)
Kid Friendly: Yes
Highlights: the horse statue outside (seriously)
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: ~1.5 hours
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

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