GREEN: Greenhill Winery & Vineyards

Once upon a time Greenhill Winery & Vineyards was another winery. While we can’t say anything about the previous winery’s vintages, we really liked Greenhill’s wines. The seated tasting* started with a VERY generous pour of Blanc de Blanc, which always makes our bubbly-loving hearts happy. And the generous pours lasted through the entire six wine tasting.** With each visit to our table, our server told us a little bit more about the wines and vineyard. All of their grapes are grown in Virginia, either on the Greenhill estate or in nearby Amherst County.

As Paul and I sat in the gorgeous, brand-spanking-new tasting room trying to evaluate the wines’ aromas and flavors, Michael was looking at us like we were speaking another language. “It smells like yummy red wine to me!” he said. Which it definitely was. If I remember correctly, Michael and Paul both preferred the 2014 Mythology, while I went for the Blanc de Blanc. Glasses in hand, our server took us on a tour of the tank, press, and barrel rooms, all of which we could see from the tasting room.

As we left, she encouraged us to visit the Farm Store, where the winery sells beef from its own cattle – something I wouldn’t mind checking out when we aren’t making more stops. Among all of the other goodies, we also found blue cheese popcorn, which definitely came home with us. Despite tasting more like ranch than blue cheese, it was the perfect way to end our visit.

*Note that your server will not stay with you through the course of your visit, which makes for a very different seated experience than the one at Zephaniah. It’s not really a better or worse situation – just different.

**This is great in theory. I mean, it’s great, period. But if you’re making other stops on the day you visit, you should ask for a dump bucket. I really should’ve asked for a dump bucket.

Rating: Green! (We’ll totally come back.)
Tasting: $14 for 6 wines
Price: On the high side ($32 – $55 per bottle on the tasting menu for non-club members)
Kid Friendly: Yes (in certain areas, though we didn’t have the Tiny Chaperones with us that day)
Highlights: Giant pours (you may want to make this your only stop for the day if you’re a lightweight like me), seated tasting
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: ~4.5 hours
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

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