GREEN: The Winery at La Grange

It’s not often that you can say you drank wine with ghosts, but at The Winery at La Grange, that’s exactly what you’ll do – at least according to Tasting Room lore. La Grange is located in a building that traces its roots from the 1790s, when the original home was built, through the Civil War, where it served as a hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers, to today, where glasses of wine for Benoni and Catherine, former owners of the home, are left on the mantel in the Tasting Room.

We went around lunchtime on a Saturday, just as the weather was FINALLY making its official transition from Winter to Spring, and the Tasting Room was definitely busy. In fact, we started at one spot at the bar and were pushed slowly but steadily to the side as the group beside us increased from four or five to 10 or 12, which was a little frustrating, but our server, Zach, did a great job of bringing the other group up to speed in the tasting lineup, so no one had to wait for the latecomers to catch up.

The standouts for us were the 2014 Meritage (which, Zach explained, is a combination of “merit” and “heritage,” so it’s not pronounced mer-i-tahg, like I’ve always heard, but mer-i-tedge) and the 2014 Viognier, which had an amazing smoky flavor from aging in Hungarian oak – to the point that I would happily drink it with a steak dinner. I keep saying that we’re not really white wine people, but the Virginia whites* are clearly growing on us.

La Grange is maybe 20 minutes from our house, and their wine club is pretty reasonable – you commit to buying two cases of wine in a year, which Paul pointed out we rip through pretty quickly – so we decided to join. The 20% discount on bottle purchases, exclusive member hours every Friday night, and monthly member events sound pretty great, too.

*We know that not all of the whites at Virginia wineries are made from Virginia grapes. But they’re made at Virginia wineries, so we’re just going to go with the blanket “Virginia whites” term.

Rating: Green! (We’ll totally come back.)
Tasting: $15 for a full flight of reds and whites
Price: A little high ($30s – $40s for most bottles)
Kid Friendly: Yes
Highlights: 2014 Viognier
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: 2 or 3 hours?
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

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