ORANGE: Molon Lave Vineyards

So, Molon Lave Vineyards. Another Orange because we can’t agree on Yellow vs. Red. This time, I wanted to give the Yellow because we did buy a bottle before leaving, but Paul was so upset that he wanted to give them a Red. While their staff was super friendly and fairly knowledgeable, the wines were just …not good. For a seven year old vineyard, we thought that almost everything tasted young and weirdly medicinal.They hop around on the tasting menu, so I can’t remember what the second wine was, but man, it overpowered everything else we were served. I thought it tasted like perfume, while Paul was getting a moonshine vibe. Either way, we weren’t fans, and we spent the rest of the tasting with lingering notes of perfume-y moonshine in our glasses.

There were a few pros to the visit. The view was nice, and they served cheese, crackers, and chocolate with their wines, which is always a lovely touch. Also, this is the first vineyard we’ve visited that makes kosher wine. For those of you who care about such things, they’re under the supervision of the OU out of Pennsylvania. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the kosher wines weren’t on the regular tasting menu, so we can’t make any judgements on their quality. (According to their website, if you call in advance, you can probably schedule a kosher tasting.)

Overall, we just weren’t impressed and won’t be going back. Womp womp.

Rating: Orange
Tasting: $8 for 8
Price: about average (mid-$20s – high-$30s)
Kid Friendly: Yes.
Highlights: Kokineli – it’s kind of like Retsina, which makes sense because they add pine resin for a short time during the fermentation process.
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: 30 minutes before arrival
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0.

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