GREEN: Pearmund Cellars

While we were looking for a house last Spring, we used one of our trips as an excuse to go winery hopping, so we knew we liked Pearmund Cellars before going in this time around. We were there on a Saturday afternoon, and it was semi-crowded, though not to the point that we had to wait or couldn’t get a spot at the bar. After the miserable wines we had at our previous stop, Pearmund was a welcome palate cleanser.

Although Pearmund uses all Virginia-grown grapes, they ONLY grow Chardonnay on their property, and their vines – at 41 years old – are the oldest Chardonnay vines in Virginia. Since no winery can survive on Chard alone, they sell about 70% of their grapes to other wineries, which is a fairly common thing to do around here (and all other wine-growing regions, I assume).  And if you think their wines taste similar to those found at a few other local wineries, you wouldn’t be wrong. Their winemaker, who has been with them since 2012, also oversees production at Vint Hill, Bull Run, and Effingham (which as yet to open to the public).

The first time we visited Pearmund, I believe we were the only people in the tasting room. This time, like I said, it was significantly busier, and although our server was only dealing with us, she was clearly distracted by everything that was going on around her. She was super chatty and friendly, but she would get caught up in her stories and forget to pour Paul some of the wines, especially since he was on toddler duty that day and wasn’t drinking all of his pours immediately. Fortunately, I don’t mind sharing my glass with him, but I shouldn’t have to.

Overall, Pearmund is a solid winery experience. We brought several bottles home, but, by far, the best is the Ameritage. It’s definitely on the weightier, more tannic side of things, which seems to be what we can usually agree on (though I usually like more tannins than Paul does). I keep thinking that I like Cab Francs, and I do – just maybe not from Virginia since they mostly seem to fall on the lighter side of things. But I digress. Buy the Ameritage. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Rating: Green (We’ll totally go back!)
Tasting: $10 for 10 wines
Price: Average – almost everything is in the mid-$20s
Kid Friendly: Yes
Highlights: Ameritage
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: ~1.5 hours
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

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