GREEN: Backroom Brewery

So, a month or so ago, we finally got around to meeting up with the new potential friends that we met at Rappahannock Cellars. They suggested that we meet at Backroom Brewery, go through a few samplers to find a couple of beers we could all agree on, and go back to their place for barbeque. Cool. We like beer, we think we like them, and we like barbeque. Sold.

So we start driving. And driving. And driving. And we eventually turn down this crappy little road into an herb farm. What? And there are these crazy mannequin sculpture things everywhere, and by this point, we’re pretty sure our new potential friends lured us out into BFE to kill us. But we still had our game faces on, and by god, we came this far, so we’re going to have some freaking beers.

Once we figured out where the tasting room was located, we went inside and were immediately overwhelmed by choices. BRB has been around for three years, and they have a lot of herb-infused beers. Like you do if you’re located on an herb farm. You can get a flight of four beers for $10, and they have 18 options to choose from. So, yeah. Overwhelmed. Because two flights means eight beers, and we wanted to try as much as we could. We stuck mostly to the lighter non-IPAs,* though a few dark beers and light-on-the-hops IPAs did sneak in. Once we settled into the porch area with our beers, we were pretty confident that no one was actually going to kills us, and we happily waited the ten or so minutes for our friends to show up.

Of course, once they arrived, we had six kids between us,** and the two other people on the porch quickly cleared out. The littles stayed with the parents, but like I mentioned above, the brewery is on the grounds of a working herb farm, so there were plenty of gardens for the older kids to explore while the adults talked. And all of the adults liked each other. And the beer. The beer was REALLY good. Of the eight*** that Paul and I tried, I think the only one we both were kind of meh about was the Black Truffle Pig Black IPA. That was my fault. I thought it was a stout (which I would’ve liked), not a dark IPA.

We ultimately agreed to bring the Chili Pepper Red Ale and Kiss Me Kolsch back for dinner. We had a lovely time, and I think we can officially say we finally have friends**** out in BFE. Honestly, I think what solidified it for me was that they served me wine for dessert. (I kid, I kid. But really. These are totally our kind of people.) We scheduled our next boozy dinner party before we left that night. I’m sure you’ll hear about it soon.

*Paul isn’t a fan of stouts, and I actually kind of hate IPAs.

**It would have been seven, but our oldest is going through his surly teenage phase, so we basically never see him unless it’s a forced family event.

***Even in the moment, I was having trouble remembering what we ordered because we were both firing off choices at the same time. After referencing the menu and my pictures, I think we had the following: Backroom Blonde Ale, Festival Wheat, Lemon Basil Wheat, Kiss Me Kolsch, Golden Strong, Black Truffle Pig Black IPA, Ferminator, and Backpacker Pale Ale.

****I’ll let them out themselves in a future post if they want to. I only force-out family because I figure they’ve already signed on for this shit, you know?

Rating: Green (We’ll totally come back!)
Tasting: $10 for a flight of 4 beers
Price: Glasses for $6, growlers for $25, growler refills for $20
Kid Friendly: Yes
Highlights: Everything (except the Black Truffle Pig)
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: While we were there!
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0 because we obviously already had dinner plans.

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