YELLOW: Winding Road Cellars

Clearly, a lot of forethought went into Winding Road Cellars. Despite being open for only four years, they released their 2008 Cab the weekend before we visited. It had been aged for EIGHT YEARS in oak. Sadly, that’s probably the most impressive thing about the vineyard. Otherwise, it was very …Virginia, down to the freaking barn-like building.

The wines, whose grapes are partially grown onsite and otherwise come from Fauquier County, weren’t bad; they just weren’t great. That 2008 Cab? I thought it kind of tasted like nail polish remover. And they had a strangely sweet Chambourcin. The one cool thing was that two of their wines are “twins.” Twilight and Gloaming are the exact same wine – same year, same grapes, same blend – but Gloaming is aged in oak, while Twilight is aged in stainless steel. They taste wildly different, and it’s the most stark example that how the wine is aged makes a HUGE difference in how your wine tastes.

Overall, it was an okay experience. It’s probably fairly telling that at noon on a Sunday, they weren’t remotely busy. There was only one (very odd, very robotic) server on duty, and as we came in, the lone other couple at the bar was at the tail end of their tasting. We give it a solid “meh.”

Rating: Yellow (It was fine.)
Tasting: $8 for 6
Price: Mostly average (low $20s to $45)
Kid Friendly: Yes.
Highlights: Twilight and Gloaming
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: ~5 hours
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.36.27 PM

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