AFTER THE WINERY: King Street Oyster Bar

There are few meals that I love more than oysters on the half shell. They’re pretty much the only thing that I told Paul he really, really, really wasn’t allowed to eat while I was pregnant. (He still ate them. Just not in front of me because he knows I would’ve been eyeing the cocktail fork and imagining using it to stab him in the hand.) So when I noticed King Street Oyster Bar as we were looking for a parking spot, I knew I wanted to swing by before we left, even if it was just for a quick dozen.

Fortunately for me and Paul’s bank account, we were there for happy hour. In addition to drink specials, they also had half-price Hog Island Oysters and $5 bar snacks, so my “quick dozen” turned into full-on dinner. We wound up with three dozen oysters (we tried six of the 12 varieties* on offer), three drinks, and four bar snacks**. Our bill was about $120, which, okay, isn’t cheap, but it’s also pretty damn good for the amount that we ate and how much oysters usually cost. My sole complaint is that someone thinks that all oysters need lemon juice squeezed on them and does so without asking. That someone is wrong. Good oysters (and these were very good) need exactly nothing.

We went to the location in Leesburg, but they also have one in Middleburg. I drove past it a few weeks ago, in fact, and excitedly texted Paul about it. Except what I actually texted was “Hey. Did you know that there is an Boyster bar in Middleburg?” because talk-to-text is an a-hole. Sigh.

*Honestly, after the winery and the brewery and each of us having to step away from the table to take phone calls, my focus on which oysters were which wasn’t great. I can tell you, though, that we went back for more Raspberry Points and Wellfleets.

**The bar snacks we had were the Tuna Tacos (honestly, my least favorite of the ones we ordered), Salmon Sliders, Pastrami Sliders (with buffalo sauce – super tasty), and King Street Wings (which were served with a honey mustard sauce, not bleu cheese – sounds strange, tasted amazing).

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