TRAVEL: Nashville, TN

So, as you  might have gathered from the last post, we recently spent a few days in Nashville. Paul LOVED it, but he actually got to experience the nightlife. I, on the other hand, visited the honky tonks while wearing a baby and helping to wrangle a toddler with picky eating habits, so I can’t say too much for the music part of Music City. But the food was pretty freaking amazing, and I think we might have eaten our weight in butter. Fair warning, there are a LOT of pictures ahead.

Our first day was full of hotel food, which, while fairly good, was still hotel food, so I’m going to skip right over that part and move straight to our dinner with my friend from high school, Marc, and his wife, Stephanie. They originally wanted to take us to Bar Taco, which is kind of funny because Paul and I eat at the Reston location pretty often. Paul would have been perfectly happy eating there (because margaritas), but Marc and I were pretty adamant about getting something that Paul and I can’t readily get in our area. So, we went to Edley’s Bar-B-Que in the 12 South neighborhood. Oh, my goodness, it was delicious. Marc decided that we needed to start with Bushwackers, which were basically milkshakes with booze. If you think of a mudslide, you’re on the right track. I got wings with white bbq sauce (because I’ve never heard of white bbq sauce and was curious), and Paul got brisket tacos (because tacos). After Edley’s, we headed over to 5 Daughters Bakery for not-cronuts (because “cronut” is apparently trademarked by the dude in NYC?). Writing about the wings and not-cronuts makes me want to drive the 10ish hours back to Nashville literally right now. Many, many thanks to Marc and Stephanie for taking us to such great places. And many extra thanks to Stephanie for letting my terrible-not-quite-two-year-old hide under the table at Edley’s and shove plastic forks in her lap. :sigh:


The next day, at Marc’s suggestion, we went to Holler & Dash for breakfast. In fact, his exact words were “Doood. These biscuits are bonkers. Not expensive either.” SOLD. And they were indeed bonkers. And not expensive, either. We had the Chicken Holler, Pork Rambler, and the Hollerback Club. It was at this point that Paul got mad at me for taking pictures of food. Sorry not sorry. Jeremiah, naturally, hated everything except his milk. Eleanor, bless her food-loving heart, ate everything that we put in front of her. After breakfast, we headed to the zoo, but I’ll spare you the pictures of my adorable children looking at various animals because that’s not really why you’re here, is it? Moving on. Paul had already been to downtown Nashville to check out the honky tonk scene, but I hadn’t, so we strapped on the kiddos and made our way into a few bars. I really kind of feel like I got the poop end of the stick on this little venture. While it’s true that all of the bars had live music, I’m guessing they save the good stuff for after 6pm (when those under 21 are no longer allowed inside the bars), so this was mostly just an opportunity for me to drink some local beer. Which was good! So no real complaints. Except that trying to bar hop with tired kids is kind of lame.


For our last meal in the city, we went to SILO. Not really on purpose. We tried to go to Little Donkey, but it was closed for renovation? But Silo was open for happy hour, and based on the fried brie, we decided to stick around and order an actual meal. (Plus, trying to move still-tired kids once you’ve settled in someplace is a pain in the butt. Especially in chilly, damp weather, which it was.) We had the aforementioned fried brie, deviled eggs (because you can’t not order deviled eggs whenever they’re on the menu, especially in the South), date-glazed pork belly, steak tartare, and braised beef brisket. I apologize for the fact that most of the food, while pretty delicious, was not terribly photogenic. We also had a bottle of wine and some fancy cocktails, which made walking back to the car in the chilly drizzle much more bearable.


Overall, we had a pretty solid experience in Nashville, but if we ever go back, I need to get a babysitter for the night so I can get the full honky tonk Music City experience for myself.

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