LIME: Wort Hog Brewery

If you’ve read the Yelp reviews, you might know why I couldn’t give this a full-on Green. (Also, hello, Lime! Welcome to the blog!) Wort Hog Brewery is great – for beers. If you want food.. not so much. The wings might be amazing, though. We tried to order them, and they were sold out. (Who sells out of wings?) But the mac and cheese, greens, and brisket sandwich were all pretty meh. We were there around 5:30 on Friday evening, and it was definitely not crowded. Which makes sense for a couple of reasons: it’s right about the time that people start getting home from work and want food, and it’s in kind of a weird location. I will fully admit to not knowing Warrenton very well, but the looked like one of those former-downtown-turned-vaguely-industrial areas that you see in a lot of older and/or smaller cities.

Anyway. We sat at the bar and had absolutely lovely service. The bartender was attentive and answered all of our questions, and we didn’t have to wait excessively for anything. The food menu is limited (a few apps, a few sandwiches, and some random pre-packaged snacks like Oreos and chips), but honestly, you’re not really missing anything – just be sure to eat before you show up because they have a LOT of beers to try. We did a sampler of everything on the menu, which wound up being 11 beers that ran the gamut from super hoppy to super chocolatey. We each found a few that we liked, and, as usual with beer, I think only one we both really liked was the Rye.

The crowd, though small, was pretty varied, so if you’re looking for a place to kick back and watch the game with a few good beers, Wort Hog is probably your spot. If you’re looking for your new favorite gastropub, you should move along.

Rating: Lime (It’s good, but don’t make a special trip.)
Tasting: Flights range from $11 for 4 to $30.25 for 11
Price: About average for craft beer ($3.75 – $5.25 for 10oz, $5.25 – $7.75 for 16oz)
Kid Friendly: I can’t find an answer on their website, but I don’t think kids would be super excited about being there.
Highlights: Rye beer
Time Since Lacy Last Ate: 0
Strangers Invited to Dinner: 0

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