Lacy and Paul Sample (hence the name Just a Sample, ha ha ha, they’re so clever, right?) met through a mutual friend on Easter Sunday 2014. She was the lone Jew (dressed in peacock leggings, a lime green tutu, and bunny ears, no less), and he was the tall, handsome midwesterner who, like Lacy, also happened to show up on time (which by DC standards is early). Fortunately, Lacy had already had a glass or two of wine and was willing to introduce herself to strangers. After Lacy promptly forgot his name, they bonded over his terrible screwdriver-making skills, and the rest is history. They got married in May 2015 and moved to one of the far-flung DC suburbs in Summer 2016.

Paul is a much bigger wine snob than Lacy, but she’s slowly catching up to him. Which isn’t to say that they don’t appreciate bargain bottles – they definitely do. But they also know what they like, and they hate paying for a shitty bottle of wine. They both prefer reds, but Lacy is a bit more willing to go for whites or rosés during warmer months. Sweet, fruity wines have their place, but it is usually far, far away from the Sample wine fridge.

They like all of the usual stuff: travel, food, wine (obvs), sports (him), and reading (her). They’re pretty adventurous and into trying new things, from white water rafting to glacier hiking to Tough Mudders, but parenthood and home ownership keep them fairly close to home most of the time. Their reviews will mostly focus on Virginia wineries (because hello, proximity!), but if they do happen to travel and get the chance to imbibe elsewhere, they’ll definitely write about it. Hell, they may even write about the wine offerings at all-inclusive resorts, should they be so fortunate as to get a beach vacation again anytime soon. They also won’t rule out breweries and distilleries. Really, they’re equal opportunity drinkers.

All reviews will include a writeup of the vineyard/brewery/whatever itself, pricing, generosity of pours, friendliness of staff, varietals available, Lacy’s booze-addled remembrances of their conversations, etc. While they’ll certainly talk about individual wines, the goal (at least at this site’s inception) is to rate the experience as a whole using a very simple system of gold (they love it and will return often), green (they would totally go back), yellow (it was fine), and red (they’re never going back not ever because ew). Lacy will probably also throw in the occasional seasonally-appropriate special post or book review here and there.



Full disclosure: Lacy used to work at a Virginia winery as the Marketing and Office Manager, so they won’t be reviewing that winery since she knows how the sausage is made at that particular location and will never be able to be unbiased. Otherwise, everyone is fair game, so bottoms up!